Since 1981, Metra S.p.A. has been active on the market of magnetic blanked laminations and die-casting of rotors for asynchronous motors. 

Knowledge of the sector and ability to innovate have lead the way to a reliable product and a customer-oriented service. The ISO 9001 certification is a demonstration of the effort that Metra S.p.A. puts in every stage of the production, from the obtaining of raw materials to the production and control of the finished product. 

The emphasis placedupon the solution to the problems and a development plan aiming at innovation are the basis for the constant effort of Metra S.p.A. in the achievement of modern solutions.

Production undergoes systematic controls to ensure the utmost quality of every single product. 
The main aim is the conformity of stators and rotors to set parameters and to the requirements of the customers. 

The constant attention towards market demands, the effort in reaching the highest production efficiency, the involvement and valorisation of human resources, the continuous technological renewal are the essence of the Quality of Metra. 

On all incoming material methodical controls, based on human experience and on the technology of the equipment, are carried out. Last, logistics is intended as to deal with the orders in an accurate and timely way.

The constant attention towards the requirements of the product, the automation and computerization processes, together with a teamwork, ensure that the quality system in conformity with the norm UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 is maintained.

Every corporate activity is carried out on the basis of well-documented procedures and rigorous controls on conformity. 

The raw materials are subject to strict parameters of technical requirements before being transferred to the production lines.

The production, planned and monitored on daily basis, ensures reliability of the product and conformity of the service.